Endurance Training - First Mountain Hike

Endurance Training - Mountain Hike 1

Today looked like it was going to be good for being outdoors. A rough start to the workday was a good prompt to take the afternoon off. I did a bunch of gear repairs on para equipment (whole other long story), but flying didn't materialize. No loss, it was a grand day to be out hiking. 23-28 degree weather (sea level) and 200-400m elevation makes it comfortable.

The Route 

There's a small lead-in track onto Sir Cecil's Ride in Braemar Hill that feeds into the Wilson Trail, and from that point you can choose how many summits you want to traverse. It can range from a quick run over Siu Ma Shan and Mt Butler with a small dip in between exiting via Taikoo right through to a 5-peak traverse of Siu Ma Shan, Jardine's Lookout, Violet Hill, and then The Twins. Today's trail was the latter minus The Twins, exiting via Repulse Bay.

Endurance Training

Per my last post, the point here (other than enjoying the outdoors) is to start getting used to sustained periods of 145-165 BPM heart rate, building up to a full 6 hours of stamina. Work on the stamina first, figure out pacing later.

The results are pretty much where I want them. There were a lot of stops to take pictures and photo-spheres where the HR did drop into the 130s or below, but on the whole things remained in the training effect zone for most of the walk.

And here's the 3h14 heartrate strip. It's more hit than miss, but there is a big dropout when I came across this blocking the Repulse Bay exit from Violet Hill:
After sitting and reading the map, going in search of alternate exits, the treacherous route seemed best especially since sundown was a few minutes away. In the end, nothing was particularly treacherous. 

A good day out

Every day out is a good one, but this one was superb. It would have been nice to have the time to go over The Twins too, but I got a good workout and some good photos in the time that I had so no complaints.